Ravinale Baldassarre Pereno Toninello e Associati provides its clients with consultancy services and legal support in the fields of private, commercial and company law. The services offered are directed at companies, financial and insurance entities, individuals and non-profit organisations.


Ravinale Baldassarre Pereno Toninello e Associati offers expert legal advice on company and commercial law, including the drafting of bylaws and shareholders’ agreements, extraordinary company operations, acquisitions, transfers and business leases and participations, joint ventures, company restructuring, liability actions, drafting of trade agreements and general agreements including those with an international scope.


Ravinale Baldassarre Pereno Toninello e Associati offers support and consultancy services to companies with participating interests held by the state, with specific reference to the organisation of management and control systems, the demarcation of the duties and powers of corporate bodies, the composition and appointment of corporate bodies without losing sight of a company’s activities, occasionally dealing with provisions usually found in administrative law.


Ravinale Baldassarre Pereno Toninello e Associati has solid experience in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency law in general. The law firm’s partners provide assistance to receivers, administrators and liquidators operating in different capacities in bankruptcy proceedings, procedures involving composition with creditors and extraordinary administration – after obtaining authorisation from the competent bodies – dealing with the management of issues generally arising in the course of such procedures, actions for revocation, notices of objection to statements of affairs and any other disputes concerning bankruptcy proceedings.

The law firm also provides litigation and out-of-court advice to its clients in relation to distressed companies, negotiation of debt restructuring agreements, distressed investments and special opportunities, assisting them in composition with creditors and adjustment of creditors’ claims after bankruptcy, debt restructuring and certified reorganisation plans.


Ravinale Baldassarre Pereno Toninello e Associati has acquired extensive experience in the provision of support to clients in all the major fields subsumed under labour law:

  • disputes: assistance both as plaintiff and defendant in relation to the establishment of labour relationships, qualification for performance of duties and termination, including workplace accidents, workplace safety solely with regard to aspects under civil law, compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses and mobbing;
  • arbitration: settlements, including those reached at neutral venues, of labour disputes;
  • legal due diligence, trade union consultation procedures pursuant to art. 47 Law no. 428/90 relating to transfers of businesses accompanied by the transfer of employment relationships;
  • corporate restructurings: redundancy plans, incentives for voluntary redundancy, social safety nets;
  • individual and collective dismissals; disciplinary procedures; secondments and transfers;
  • trade union law: drafting of collective labour agreements at various levels with the assistance of the negotiating parties in the relevant negotiations;
  • appeals against assessments by the INPS, INAIL and the Ministry of Labour.


Ravinale Baldassarre Pereno Toninello e Associati has built up expertise in the fields of banking and financial intermediaries with regard to legal and regulatory aspects, services and bank contracts, financing for companies, acquisition financing, restructuring and rescheduling of non-performing loans, mortgage financing, financial guarantees and anti-usury provisions.


The law firm deals with crises involving the over-indebtedness of individuals and companies not governed by insolvency procedures pursuant to Law 3/2012. With this in mind, the Firm is the local office of ICOS, the Social Cohesion Institute, and is included, through one of its partners, in the list of managers of situations of over-indebtedness set up by the Ministry of Justice within the meaning of the aforementioned Law, 3/2012.


The Firm advises clients in situations when crises arise in families, both in court and out of court, with regard to the rights of individuals and deals with the legal aspects of succession rules, including planning of succession through use of the instruments currently available such as property funds, trust management and trusts.


The Firm has also developed considerable expertise in the fields of innovative start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, both from the point of view of companies and investors. Apart from the expertise mentioned above in the fields of company and commercial law, the Firm also provides specific advice and support to these types of companies when it comes to drafting bylaws and shareholder agreements, negotiating funding plans and investment agreements and drafting and implementing participative financial instruments, including incentive plans for employees and work for equity plans. The Firm has also gained experience concerning the procedures for settling crises affecting these types of enterprise.


The Firm has always prided itself in providing support to the non-profit sector, driven in no short measure by the heightened awareness of many of the lawyers at the Firm of the needs of such organisations, and has acquired solid experience in supporting and advising foundations and associations and, more recently, Third-Sector Organisations. In particular, the Firm provides consultancy services when it comes to setting up such organisations and drafting their statutes, drafting partnership agreements and arrangements between different organisations, preparing invitations to tender by such organisations directed at third parties, managing the resulting processes for selecting projects and by providing support for their participation in public and non-public calls for tender, drawing up plans and taking care of the arrangements for collaboration between different organisations. The Firm also provides assistance to the management bodies of such organisations, including the assumption of secretarial functions.